St Helens is an ambitious ‘Four Star’ Council focused on creating a modern, distinctive, economically prosperous and vibrant Borough.

With the advent of Self Directed Support, Individual Budgets are a key priority for St Helens Council. As service users are empowered through the self-management of their funding, the new consumer model will bring rise to increased diversity of market, St Helens are responding to this by working to ensure the development of Results Based Commissioning, and a mixed market that can meet the expectations of Individual Budget Holders.

jdee consultancy are therefore pleased to be supporting a high performing service to drive forward the transformational change of the Personalisation agenda. Through training front line staff from within the council and championing the independent sector to deliver high quality services and outcomes for their customers, jdee will ensure the workforce in St Helens is better placed to provide individualised, pathway driven supports.

” jdee has and continues to support Councils to move forward the personalisation agenda, with focus on the knowledge, skills and abilities of the New Type of Worker so customers acquire services that are joined up, results focused and empower them with new knowledge, experiences and healthier lifestyles.

I am extremely proud of the staff working at jdee, for their focus on reaching as many councils and independnet providers in the quest for a New Type of Workforce”

Shaun Douglas-Galley


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