In 2006 the Department of Health commissioned Skills for Health and Skills for Care to develop a set of Common Core Principles for Supporting Self Care. The principles were launched on the 1st May 2008 with the view to imbed Self Care across the sectors and enhance the knowledge and develop the skills of the health and social care workforce.

The seven Common Core Self Care Principles:

  • Ensure individuals are able to make their informed choices to manage their Self Care needs
  • Communicate effectively to enable individuals to assess their needs and develop and gain confidence to Self Care
  • Support and enable individuals to access appropriate information to manage their Self Care needs
  • Support and enable individuals to develop skills in Self Care
  • Support and enable individuals to use technology to support Self Care
  • Advise individuals how to access support networks and participate in the planning, development  and evaluation of services
  • Support and enable risk management and risk taking to maximise independence and choice


It is the vision then of Bury Council to embed the values of Self Care across the borough. Empowering the social care workforce to use effective communication, to gather information and work in partnership with customers to set goals that support them to have positive attitudes, confidence, motivation and the knowledge to where possible take responsibility for their own Self Care needs.

jdee consultancy will undertake a programme of support for 20 domiciliary homecare providers, working alongside them to support the cultural and operational developments that will be required to ensure change is championed and personalisation achieves longevity in Bury.

A toolkit will be made available to each service provider, allowing the decision maker to take a holistic view of the current approach to domiciliary homecare, and then triggering action towards a programme of change.

“Following the success of supporting  domiciliary, nursing and residential social care providers across the UK with workforce, cultural and operational developments in line with personalisation and self directed support, we are excited at the opportunity to now be working alongside social care management in Bury.

Our aim is to extend community engagement, develop new service models and ensure teamwork, staff development and quality assurance can deliver personalised outcomes for all customers in Bury”

Shaun Douglas-Galley


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