Considering the developments required to ensure personalised commissioning across social care, Warwickshire County Council have recognised the role for supporting the independent sector as part of the investment into public sector reform, and are therefore working with jdee consultancy to transfer key knowledge and leadership direction to domiciliary homecare providers.

Work with providers will begin in early April 2010,(Putting People First Phase 1 – Priorities) to ensure business development leads to a broadening of customer choice, cultural change and operational process built around the attainment of self care results.

” As we move to an era of local government spending reductions, it is important that investment into personalised services be upheld where it is evidenced that a steady improvement is achieved both within service efficiencies and customer outcomes. It is crucial then that social care organisations embrace the opportunity to radically change the way they organise and deliver services in order to compete within the market of self directed support

Our aim in Warwickshire is to ensure social care organisations have a ‘plan of action’ to take a step back and consider the way they approach ‘care’ now and then develop to promote ‘self care’, evidencing the efficiencies of their service, workforce and customer outcomes to secure the future demands for their services”.

Shaun Douglas-Galley

Warwickshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (2009)


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