Re-ablement is short-term support, designed to give older individuals or physically disabled the confidence to manage as many daily living tasks on their own.

As life expectancy increases and medical interventions improve, many more individuals will require social care support. The focus is therefore on time limited interventions that focus on setting goals and motivating individuals to gain confidence and re-learn skills; in order to remain self caring of services in their own homes.

jdee training and consultancy are the experts in supporting the culture change from traditional modes of static care plans, repetitive ‘do for’ routines and the acceptance of long term maintenance support – to one whereby front line staff focus on re-ablement goals, forming person centred partnerships so outcomes may be met to prevent on-going need.

” Wolverhampton City Council face the challenge of ensuring their front line staff transfer from in-house homecare to in-house re-abelement, and are therefore using jdee to equip staff with the key skills, knowledge and abilities required to ensure re-ablement results. Our Art of Re-ablement programme is recognised as effective and will be used on-going by Wolverhampton to train all new staff to the service. We are passionate about re-ablement and equally about supporting front line staff with this cultural change.”

Shaun Douglas-Galley


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