In line with Putting People First and the Coalition Governments vision to promote prevention and intervention –  Northamptonshire Council has committed to the provision of reablement, enablement, self care and focused prevention and intervention through all services, across the County.

As outlined in the Northamptonshire Local Area Agreement and current commissioning strategies the drivers are:

  • The need to promote healthier and more active and independent lifestyles for adults, which reflects the wishes and aspirations of people living in Northamptonshire
  • A new approach to supporting people with lower levels of need, in order to maintain their wellbeing and independence
  • New ways of working to support the projected increase in population (older people) to reduce increased pressures on social and health care resources
  • Increased roles and responsibilities for the voluntary sector, that address social exclusion
  • Creating effective strategic partnerships through the local area agreement – to deliver the prevention agenda

To ensure a stronger focus on achieving outcomes linked to better health and wellbeing and a sustained cultural shift from high dependancy,reactive support is achieved across services in Northamptonshire jdee consultancy will engage a programme of work starting in October 2010.

Commissioners, Workforce Planners, Employers, Managers and Team Leaders in Northamptonshire’s Adult Social Care will be supported to transform their organisations and service delivery through the implementation of the Common Core Principiles to Support Self Care.

” jdee is committed to working in partnership with Northamptonshire to ensure an enabling focus is afforded to every customer of Adult Social Care. This means development programmes that ensure workers and service structures have the knowledge, skills, competencies and operational ability to effectively and efficiently re-able customers – so volume remains at low level preventative end rather than the traditional drift toward costly service options.

I am pleased that jdee is recognised as an industry leader in the translation of self care support services and look forward to working alongside Northamptonshire”

Shaun Douglas-Galley 


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