Lincolnshire is classified as one of the most rural counties in England and is also one of the fastest-growing areas in the UK. By 2029 the population is forecast to be nearly 856,000, an increase of 32% from the 2001 Census figure.This is due a small increase in the birth rate (2.8% between 2000 and 2006) In-migration from other counties in the East Midlands and the South of England and In-migration from the EU – primarily Portugal, Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe.

Since 2002, Lincolnshire’s pre-retirement population (those aged 55- 64) has increased by 3.1%, and the population of those aged 65 years and over has grown by 1.8%. Population projections show that there will be 73,000 more older people in the county by 2020 compared with 2006, with those over 85 increasing to 57,000 by 2027.

The key challenges facing Lincolnshire are therefore:

  • Finding the resources to meet rapid rises in the demand for services.
  • Reducing pressure on services by focusing on prevention.

In partnership with jdee consultancy, Lincolnshire County Council are to undertake an ambitious change programme for existing social care provider services. This aims to support Decision Makers to work towards the persoanlisation of their orgainsations, preventative working for front line staff and the development of new products and services in line with consumer demands.

Using an established and widely tested personalisation indicator, organisations will measure their own development across 12 core areas of their business and in line with the priorities of putting people first. The indicator partners an action plan that can then be used to set the order for cultural, operational and workforce developments across the service.

Linked closely with the New Type of Worker programme authored and developed by jdee in partnership with Skills for Care and Skills for Health (2009) the programme of work will bring forward the key knowledge, skills and abilities required by a workforce, focused on prevention, intervention and the attainment of outcomes.

In addition jdee have launched their outcome measurement toolkit to support social care providers services to evidence service and workforce outcomes, in line with the Care Quality Commission, and local framework agreements.

‘ The large scale contract award with Lincolnshire County Council is testament to the quality of support and guidance jdee can offer the social care sector. Our vision to revolutionise the way provider services approach their business activities and support customers of social care supports to activate towards outcomes continues, and we are passionate that ‘self care support’ be the primary focus for all, no matter the level of dependancy. This as a ‘must do’ supports positive experiences for not only customers but also front line social care workers, it is we believe the umbrella for Persoanlisation”

Shaun Douglas-Galley

Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (2008)


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