Reablement UK awarded Development Contract with Bury – Manchester Borough Council

Following a period of consultation, Reablement UK has been named as the preferred provider of workforce development for all community based front line staff transferring to the role of Reablement Assistants.

Re-ablement is a free service available to anyone living in Bury who is aged 18 or over and needs support to get back on their feet after a recent stay in hospital or a crisis at home.

It’s a short term support service, available for up to six weeks, and its aim is to work with people, supporting them to manage as many everyday tasks as possible on their own and in their own home and ultimately regain their independence to be free from services.

Roll-out of the 2 Day Art of Reablement Programme began in March 2011 with 126 staff attending 9 sessions organised to support their transition from ‘carer’ to ‘re-abler’.  On-going Professional development through the Reablement UK Learner portfolio will be used to support and mentor staff as they use reflective practice to build on their knowledge, skills and Reablement techniques.  Linked to the newly formed Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) all front line staff will attain learning credits linked to Reablement. Please click here.


Bury Manchester Borough Feedback

‘Assess constantly and encourage clients to do more for themselves/Evaluate and reflect more’
‘To consider aims and goals for clients/Grade all tasks’
‘Try to take a step back and allow the client to do what they feel able themselves until they no longer require your assistance’
‘Plan your work role more’
‘Focus more on looking forward to them improving their situation rather than continuing as before’
‘Help and encourage support needed to reach goals’
‘To have a different approach to the new service’
‘Remember to involve family and carers in the reablement process’
‘Encourage people to do more’
‘Take a professional approach and be self aware’
‘Use the tools given to us on the training’
‘Keep in touch with the team to check if everyone is doing the same or any concerns. Use reflective practice to improve reablement’
‘Approach tasks differently’
‘Plan and organise before assisting client’
‘Be confident about Bury’s new service’
‘Reable clients instead of doing for client’
‘Use new training skills’
‘Compare what has been taught to how we do things now’
‘Think differently about how we are working now to how we will be working’


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