Reablement UK awarded Development Contract with Northamptonshire PCT

Reablement UK have secured a strategic contract with Northamptonshire PCT, working in partnership with Shaw Healthcare.

Shaw healthcare is one of the UK’s leading healthcare providers and holds a number of partnerships with public agencies responsible for both health and social care.

Shaw enables about 4,000 older people to recover the confidence, strength and skill to return to their own home after a traumatic event that might otherwise have resulted in them giving up independent living and moving permanently into a care home.

Also known as “step up” or “step down” care, this is short term personal or nursing care following a period of hospitalisation or after an illness or accident at home.

Reablement UK will support the development of over 230 staff working across 4 Intermediate Care Units in Northamptonshire and within a number of disciplines, Nursing, Dementia, Day Care, Respite and Re-ablement.

Roll-out of the 2 Day Art of Reablement Programme began in June 2011, and included Front Line staff, Managers, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapists. The key theme being one of increase autonomy, responsibility and positive cultural change for staff to confidently re-able individuals.

Early feedback from Shaw suggests:

“The training already delivered has been well received and already we are seeing length of stays reduced which is fantastic.” Janet Williams – Area Manager

On-going Professional development through the Reablement UK Learner portfolio will be used to support and mentor staff as they use reflective practice to build on their knowledge, skills and Reablement techniques.

Linked to the newly formed Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) all front line staff will attain learning credits linked to Reablement.

Shaw Feedback

‘I have understood a better way to help service users to be able to do things on their own and how they can achieve their goals. Reablement was explained very well and the training techniques were brilliant’
‘I feel confident to reable the service users now’
‘I didn’t know what reablement meant before this training’
‘Will use different training techniques, also grading system’
‘It has taught me the difference between a support worker role and my new role as a reablement worker’
‘I understand assessment, task training, setting goals, markers for progress, using SPICE and ICE’
‘I feel more confident to do my job without asking the team leader’
‘I think that doing this training will give me more confidence to do my job’
‘The training was explained very thoroughly and was easy to understand’
‘To feel confident in explaining reablement to clients and their families and to ensure we meet the goals set’
‘I feel I have taken away new skills to do my job more effectively’
‘The trainer explained everything well, gave me a lot of knowledge’
‘Better understanding of what my job role will be and how I can support the client to gain their best achievements’
‘I enjoyed this training and will use this knowledge in my job role’
‘Very informative and delivered in a professional and friendly way’
‘Gained better understanding of what we are going to be doing in the future’


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