Reablement UK awarded Development Contract with Slough Borough Council

Following a successful tendering process, Reablement UK are awarded a workforce development contract for over 80 staff in Slough Borough Council.

In Slough Re-ablement will provide intensive support to people leaving hospital to minimise the chances of re-admission, and to those new to the service who meet the eligibility criteria. The aim is to increase individuals levels of independence, provide greater choice and and therefore improve quality of life, while at the same time seeking to reduce the need for ongoing support.

It is through the amalgamation of Intermediate Care Service and In House Domiciliary (Home Care) Service that the Re-ablement Service will derive.

Re-ablement services will be delivered by domiciliary Re-ablement Assistants, supported by Re-ablement Supervisors, Re-ablement Occupational Therapists (OTs), Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTAs) and Physiotherapist (PT). The Council is working closely with Berkshire East Primary Care Trust to develop a coordinated approach to maximise the potential benefits of Re-ablement through alignment of PCT Rehabilitation Services with the Council Re-ablement Team in relation to Enhanced Intermediate Care, this means extended hours of the Re-ablement service, and end of life care, both of these functions would be directly linked to the Re-ablement service.

Reablement UK will support the professional development of over 80 staff working throughout Slough.

Roll-out of the 2 Day Art of Reablement Programme will begin in November 2011, and be fully evaluated to measure learning and skill outcomes.

In addition Slough have invested in the measured on-going Professional development of all Reablement staff.  The Reablement UK Learner portfolio will be used to support and mentor staff as they use reflective practice to build on their knowledge, skills and Reablement techniques. Linked to the newly formed Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) all front line staff will attain learning credits linked to Reablement.


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