Reablement UK has been successful in their bid to run ‘Reablement Road Shows’ across Cumbria County Council.

To commence in July 2012 the objectives will be to raise awarness of reablement and increase understanding of how the service will impact on practice as staff begin to implement a new way of working under reablement.

Using Government policy and current reablement data to underline the origins of the service, Reablement UK will demonstrate the guiding principles of reablement:

Increased self-determination, choice and control to maintain or regain own abilities, and importantly the opportunity through effective on-going assessment – to ‘recover’ within reablement.

For operational based staff, having knowledge of how reablement is ‘done’ how it is ‘approached’ and how it is ‘delivered’ by the staff on the ground is of huge benefit when assessing, individuals functional ability to undertake reablement, whilst measuring the recovery achieved within a range of everyday activities.

Cumbria County Council Feedback

  • Clarified many issues about the referral through to the delivery of service-Student OT
  • Understand how to set goals and how those goals are broken down. To be more specific so that outcomes can be easily measured-Social Worker
  • There has been an ‘assumption’ that we knew more than we actually did before this training day-So, it has been very useful- Social Worker
  • Really well delivered course, opportunity for discussion throughout- Administrator
  • I did not have much of an understanding of the scope and positivity offered by reablement until today.-Prevention Support Worker
  • It was very much a ‘Concept’ before, I will be confident in describing to people in future- Service Development Manager
  • Relevant to our everyday practice, I now feel I have a better knowledge and understanding-Social Worker
  • Very relevant, lots of good theoretical discussion and issues, very knowledgeable trainers, really enjoyable—Locality Lead
  • Gave me a better understanding of the process that people need to go through to gain reablement.-Home care administrator





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