Slough Social Workers / Intake and Assessment / Hospital Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Managers / Physio’s / Voluntary Sectors to attend awareness day.

Reablement UK has been successful in their bid to run ‘Reablement Road Shows’ across Slough Council.

To commence in October 2012 the objectives will be to raise awarness of reablement and increase understanding of how the service will impact on practice as staff begin to implement a new way of working under reablement.

Using Government policy and current reablement data to underline the origins of the service, Reablement UK will demonstrate the guiding principles of reablement:

Increased self-determination, choice and control to maintain or regain own abilities, and importantly the opportunity through effective on-going assessment – to ‘recover’ within reablement.

For operational based staff, having knowledge of how reablement is ‘done’ how it is ‘approached’ and how it is ‘delivered’ by the staff on the ground is of huge benefit when assessing, individuals functional ability to undertake and measuring the recovery achieved within a range of everyday activities.



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