Reablement UK awarded contract to develop the front line skills and abilities of Nursing, Residential, Extra Care and Demetia service staff.

Bury council has been forward thinking and has acted to ensure that it delivers a personalised commissioning approach across its service offers.

Following on from Reablement UK’s successful programme of work to support all in-house reablement staff across Bury to raise their knowledge, skills and abilities to deliver reablement, all care services will be required to embrace cultural, operational and workforce developments in line with reablement.

Nursing, Residential, Extra Care and most certainly Dementia services have long been commissioned as input and output, rather than on the measured outcomes they are capable of achieving.

Reablement UK will support the professional development of over 120 staff working throughout Bury.

Roll-out of the 2 Day Art of Reablement Programme will begin in May 2011, and be fully evaluated to measure learning and skill outcomes.

In addition Bury Council have invested in the measured on-going Professional development of all Reablement staff.  The Reablement UK Learner portfolio will be used to support and mentor staff as they use reflective practice to build on their knowledge, skills and Reablement techniques. Linked to the newly formed Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) all front line staff will attain learning credits linked to Reablement.

 Bury Staff Feedback

  • Very practical and hands on helped me to understand the aim of the training-Care Assistant
  • The training was good as it involved all of us in having a say in group tasks which is easier than saying things alone.-Care Assistant
  • Didn’t know what (reablement) was before- Care Assistant
  • Thought provoking and made me more aware of the need to allow individuals to be as independent as possible- Senior Carer
  • Has given me great insight in how reablement is the future for social care and also that services need to work together for it to work successfully for the client.—Workforce Development Manager
  • Very informative and well presented, I now see the importance of this type of working and how beneficial it will be to those in our care.-Day Service Manager
  •  This (training) has made me think twice about the job I am doing and need to promote more independence.- Care Assistant
  • It has made me look at care in a different way-Care Assistant
  • Training was very in depth and thorough, it explained in detail different scenarios-Care assistant









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