Reablement UK are successful in their bid to support private sector providers in Flintshire with the on-going reablement of service users.

 Flintshire Statistics

At the beginning of March 2011, in Social Services for Adults in Flintshire, 23% of people received a reablement service from the reablement team and 78% of those people had no ongoing needs after exiting the service.

Staff in Social Services for Adults have been working hard to increase the numbers receiving a reablement approach and it is envisaged that by March 2012, up to 80% of referrals will benefit from a reablement approach and about 60% should have no ongoing intervention after a reablement service.

The future model of care in Flintshire will seek to continue to improve outcomes for individuals, encourage support within the community and develop new approaches to outcome focussed commissioning.

 One such approach is on-going reablement with the private sector.

So, for those individuals having spent 6 weeks recovering and developing their every day life skills with in-house reablement services – to be matched with providers who’s front line staff and operations may continue to reduce need and increase personal achievement.

Reablement UK will run a series of training and development sessions for front line staff in the private sector in 2012 and 2013.

The aim – to develop care workers traditional ways of working and build on their knowledge and skills, so they may work with individuals to build confidence, motivation and maximise opportunities for continued recovery in all areas of life. This to be measured and evidenced by private sector providers; on-going.

On-Going Reablement Flyer


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