Reablement UK have secured a working partnership with Harrow council to train 60 private sector staff engaged in providing Reablement to service users across the council.

Reablement UK will be working to ensure staff have the necessary knowledge, skills and reablement techniques to safely, confidently and consistently reable service users within their own homes, in up to 6 weeks.

The challenge is often one of ‘habit centres’ working to reset years of paternalistic front line practice, whilst reassuring staff that they do have transferrable knowledge and skills to build on their new Reablement working practices.

By undertaking the ‘Reablement’ 1 day programme, staff will have a baseline knowledge to build on through practice.

The bespoke course delivered over 1 day  includes

  • Why Reable?
  • The Person and Crisis – Loss and Change 
  • Reablement: Your New Role 
  • 5 New Habits Centres – for reablement success
  • Documentaiton, Goals and Communication 
  • My structured role within planning, monitoring and recording
  • Positive Risk Taking and Risk Factors

Through a varied programme of learning methods – group exercises, presentations, case studies and discussion the 1 Day programme provides a solid learning experience for todays’s Reablement Worker.

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