Reablement is central to the transformation of adult social care within Liverpool and is a key strategic driver for delivering improved outcomes for service users and carers.

Liverpool is investing in the development of three hubs which will provide a bed based reablement service focussing on falls, stroke and dementia. Pilot schemes are underway for social care assessors to work in partnership with external care providers and acute care therapists to deliver home based reablement. Assessment and care management services have developed a model which supports an ‘intake’ function and longer term person centred support planning.

Hospital discharge services are changing in line with supporting service users to access appropriate step down services after an acute admission and to provide maximum opportunity for promotion of independence, regaining skills and confidence and when necessary to have support to make decisions about any longer term self-care requirements.

Workforce Development is a critical requirement to delivering a quality intake and reablement service to service users and carers. Reablement UK have been awarded a two month contract to develop staff within assessment and care management to be fully engaged in the development and delivery of these new approaches to service delivery. Social workers and Assessors for Personalised Care will be required to undertake initial assessment and support planning for access to reablement services and also to work closely with the reablement service providers to review outcomes / goals and undertake person centred planning for any service users who have on-going self care needs at the end of reablement.

Reablement UK in partnership with Liverpool City Council’s Adult Service will roll out a 2 day training programme to over 220 social care practitioners

The key aims of the course are;

  • Understand the Liverpool vision for transformation of adult health and social care.
  • Understand the national agenda for change on reablement and health and social care, inc performance indicators. Be able to clearly link this with the local developments.
  • Understand the concepts of reablement and Liverpool’s approach to the delivery of reablement and be able to differentiate between ‘intake’ and ‘selective’ models, list the pros and cons to these approaches and understand why an ‘intake’ model can benefit more service users.
  • Demonstrate the link between reablement, FACS and personalisation.
  • Be able to assess and produce support plans which are outcome focussed and have clear identified goals for service users.
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding and evidence in practice of the differences between change, maintenance and quality of service outcomes.
  • Be able to identify the benefits from reablement and working in partnership for service users and carers.
  • Understand Liverpool’s pathway for access to reablement services and Social Workers / Assessors for Personalised Care’s roles within the pathway.



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