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Social Care Institute of Excellence – Reablement and Prevention Resources Click Here

New ways of restoring and supporting the independence of older people

New approaches to community aged care focus on re-establishing daily living skills and community connections of older people, rather than on traditional goals of ‘maintenance’ and ‘support’. Such approaches are goal-oriented, aiming to build on individuals’ strengths and goals, with the objective of fostering greater independence and, where possible, less reliance on care services.  Click Here

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Stroke Toolkit – How Alllied Health Professiaonls improve patient care and save the NHS money  Click Here

Musculoskeletal  – How Alllied Health Professiaonls improve patient care and save the NHS money Click Here 

Reablement Service Standards: Durham County Council Click Here

Enabling Independence: Reablement provision in Extra Care: A Guide Click Here 

Housing Providers Should bid for Reablement contracts: Midland Heart Click Here

Department of Health: Reablement Toolkit Click Here

NHS Education for Scotland – Reablement Information Click Here

Housing Providers can play a vital role in rehabilitation and reablement DEMOS Report Click Here

Welsh Reablement Alliance: How can reablement help?  Click Here

Best practice for community living through Intermediate care and reablement: A complex case discussion Click Here

Reablement of Older People in North Coast Australia: Click Here

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Supporting a transforming reablement service: Walsall Click Here

Just Checking – The activity monitoring system that supports independence Click Here

Think Local Act Personal – Establishing Best Practice in Reablement Click Here 

Age UK – Intermediate Care and Reablement – Fact Sheet Click Here 

CN Research: Making the strategic shift – Reablement Programme (2010) Click Here 

SCIE: Reablement: Implications for GP’s and primary Care Click Here 

Gerald Pilkington Associates – The Outsourcing of Homecare Reablement Services Click Here











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