A step by step approach to understand your current level of business development and marketing. The templates offer practical ways to develop and promote new service offers.

These templates are designed to give you practical ideas as you consider the changes your business should make in line with personalised reablement.

So why should you be thinking about developing your business?

The social care industry is going through a revolution. Focus is on person centred support aimed at achieving both short and longer term outcomes that prevent and enable individuals to rely less on formal support and more on their own self care.

Increased choice will mean individuals may choose a number of ways to receive their care and support following a period of reablement. So individuals may choose to be supported by:

- Competitors
- Family
- Friends
- Personal assistants
- Voluntary organisations
- Community groups etc.

To ready your business for this market you may be able to offer new services, previously constrained by contracts.

In order to do so, you need to understand the choices individuals may make to best be supported. Then learn how to place 'products' and services for individuals to choose from, ensuring your marketing captures their imagination and heads off what your competitors are offering!

The Business Development Plan will help you to do this in a way that is structured and be a point for the organisation to come together to decide where best to focus itself.

The Plan comes with a full and detailed Guide to support you with knowledge, ideas and direction as you plan into your future.

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